Series 1 86″ Land-Rover – pt 3

August / September 2008

Driver Fitted

Despite careful measuring to ensure there was space for the transmission I still had to alter the chassis as the amount of drop on the rear axle would have locked up the propshaft,

unfortunately it has lost a bit of ground clearance.

Posing on Grass

For the next one I’ll have to get the transmission and axles BEFORE I start building NOT after the body is painted. I’ll put up some pictures when it’s done anyway.

The driver is a £3 toy from Asda, and after some major surgery with a hacksaw he fits, also got round to making a steering wheel.

Anyway here’s some recent pictures and a video of the first test run.


With SII

Another Interior Shot

2 thoughts on “Series 1 86″ Land-Rover – pt 3

  1. lieven Wynants

    i ‘m also making plans to build a minerva it is the same as the serie 1 from land rover , i saw that you build a LR
    do you have scale plans or drawings
    or on what base did you build it?
    greetings lieven

  2. admin Post author

    Hello. A lot of the body was a combination of re-scaled copies of the outline drawings from the workshop manual used as templates, and quite a few real measurements from a friend’s 86″.

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