Catching up

Scale Series One Land-RoverWell it’s been quite a while since progress on our projects was posted here.

The only change to the series 2 is the fitting of a 3Racing lighting set. These simple and inexpensive lighting sets Transmission mountingsimply plug in between the servo/esc and the receiver and give working indicators and rear lights that get brighter as the car brakes to a halt. Apart from this it has just had an occassional run out.

Most of the recent effort has gone on getting the series 1 finished off, well they are never really finished but it’s 99% there now.

Painted under shield Since the last update the first thing to be done was to remount the transmission, the outputs needed to be lowered. In order to achieve this the transmission had to be turned by 90 degrees. This meant that it was more exposed than before and a new shield had to be made.

Once these parts were finished the chassis was stripped down and sprayed in semi gloss black before being given a rusty look using the Rustall weathering system on the visible parts and rear crossmember.

Painted chassis

Front of chassis

Rear of chassis

Battery mountingWith the chassis painted the next job was to mount the electrics, and then the body.

The electronic speed control and receiver are located on a tray between the chassis rails at the back, with some access possible via a hatch in the rear floor. The battery is mounted under the bonnet (hood) at the front, currently it is using a standard Tamiya 1700mAh Nicd battery pack but there should be space to use Lipo batteries in future.

Finished - First run.