Flycam – Onboard video recording.

FlyCamOne V2Turn your plane, boat, helicopter or car into a video recorder! You will be amazed at the quality of images you can get when attached to your model. Secure the FlyCamOne2 to your plane (soar like an eagle rather than being surrounded by turkeys) and record your flight from the air.

Choose between the FlycamOne2 and the Flycam Eco, See more here.

NEW V2 Flycam ECO

The FCOe has been specially designed for model makers. It has a moveable head that can be easily mounted outside the model and can be controlled by a servo using a free channel on your transmitter .


  • Video
  • Photo
  • Continuous photo

It also has a micro SD card slot which allows for up to 8GB of storage!


New improved resolution – 720 x 480

Use without RC radio when powered by a 3.7v battery

Weight reduced to only 15g

Removable camera head ribbon cable to aide remote positioning

RCCI Magazine mount up an Eco Flycam for review: